Application area

Wind and Energy

Diameters, wall thicknesses, materials, forms, precision and increased strength – our forming solutions give you what you need to create sophisticated products for a modern energy sector.

Drive components

We develop solutions for housing and drive components, formed as far as possible in a single clamping. Our spinning machines are used to form exactly dimensioned nacelle casings and hubs. The products produced are characterised above all by their high precision and low weight. Varied application in production thanks to machine concepts that feature ease of operation and automation.

Flexible Forming of Housings
Nacelle Casings, Hubs
  Products with diameters of up to 19.68 ft (6 m)
  Variable wall thicknesses and reduced material input possible thanks to cold work hardening
  Form precision
  Reduced final machining
High precision pipes

We develop solutions that realise products such as pipes with various wall thicknesses and from different materials. Our flow-forming machines are used to form extremely stress-resistant transport pipes, steam lines and casing tubes. The sturdy machine construction enables a high level of precision and low tolerances in processing. Flexible technology enables a wide range of production parameters, including the manufacture of pipes of over 42.65 ft (13 m).

Highly Stress-Resistant Pipes
Transport Pipes
  High precision of internal diameter
  Processing of seamless pipes
  High-quality surfaces
  High degree of cold work hardening
  Single-piece component with various wall thicknesses
  Processing of high-tensile and corrosion-resistant materials
Steam Pipes, Casing Tubes
  High precision of internal diameter, with wall thicknesses of up to 1.96" (50 mm)
  Seamless pipes can be made
  High-quality surfaces
  High degree of cold work hardening
  Single-piece component with various wall thicknesses
  Extremely corrosion-resistant
  Highly resistant to pressure
  Highly stress-resistant materials
Pressure vessels

Our metal spinning, necking-in and flow forming technologies stand for economic efficiency, short cycle times and high-precision forming. Our machines are used for the flexible forming of tank vessels, tank bottoms and liquefied gas tanks. The manufactured products are characterised by a low weight and high load capacities. By integrating inductive pre-heating, our machines can offer a wide range of applications.

Large Pressure Vessel Bottoms
Bottom Panels for Pressure Vessels or Transport Tanks
  High pressure resistance with different wall thicknesses resulting from cold hardening
  Extremely lightweight construction
  Variable contour pattern
  High joining precision
  Diameters of up to 19.68 ft (6 m) are possible
Robust Pressure Vessels with Necks and Bottom Pieces
Liquid Gas Tank
  Gas-tight sealing of steel vessel bottoms
  Targeted increase of wall thickness in critical areas
  Homogeneous microstructure for maximum strength
  Sufficient material for machine cutting processes
  Patent for neck preforming with internal collar
  Also suitable for aluminium vessels

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