Wheel flow forming machine

Nihon Spindle VW1910E

By Flow-Forming the rim section of aluminum weels, it achieves the improvement of product strength and weight reduction, which is not possible by only turning process.

Main Characteristics

  • Each roller unit has its individual control axis to allow overlapped process for cycle time reduction.
  • The axial position of each roller can be easily adjusted with NC program.
  • By an optional software, monitoring roller thrust and main spindle motor output are available for cycle time reduction and quality managemant.

Technical Data

Number of Axis 6
Axis Control CNC
Applications 1 piece casting wheel
Wheel O.D. φ14-φ19 inch
Width 10 inch
Main Spindle, max. 800 rpm
Thrust of Roller Unit X-Axis: 98 kN, Z-Axis: 98 kN
Stroke of Roller Unit X-Axis: 205 mm, Z-Axis: 300 mm
Thrust of tailstock 98 kN
Stroke of tailstock 650 mm
Motor capacity of main spindle 200 kW
Motor capacity of hydraulic unit 15 kW

End products

  • cast aluminium rims
  • cast alumimium wheels

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