Aluminium Forming Center

Leifeld AFC 400 H 550

This machine is specially designed for hot forming bottle necks of hydrogen high pressure bottles, for the production of pressure tanks and CNG cylinders out of aluminum tubes.
Thanks to our market-leading necking-in technology high precise weight-optimized parts can be produced efficiently while considering aspects of low material consumption and sustainability.

Main Characteristics

  • Increased economic efficiency, short cycle times and high-precision forming
  • Extremely sturdy and distortion-free machine design
  • Flexible configuration for a wide range of workpiece sizes
  • SIEMENS control
  • Inductive pre-heating
  • Cleverly designed integrated loading and unloading system
  • Our simulation program serves to determine which approaches are feasible and most efficient for your application

Technical Data

  LEIFELD AFC 400 H 550
Outside diameter, min. 200 mm
Outside diameter, max. 412 mm
Starting wall thickness, min. 2 mm
Starting wall thickness, max. 15 mm
Starting length of preform, max. 2,500 mm

End products

  • high-pressure bottles
  • CNG cylinders

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