Profile Forming Center

Leifeld KSA 375

This machine is designed to form precise brake pistons for safe and powerful brake systems. The machine is prepared for the integration in a fully automated, 3-shift-production process without machine operators. The integration will be in accordance with a fully dimensioned layout designed by the customer.

Main Characteristics

  • Horizontal, CNC-controlled groove profiling system with minimal space requirements
  • Extremly low material input and optimum material utilisation
  • Sophisticated sensor systems and highly modern and precise measuring technology
  • Flexible forming with two axially adjustable spindle bearings
  • Overhead robot feed-in for fast charging and discharging

Technical Data

Piston diameter, min. 38 mm
Piston diameter, max. 60 mm
Piston length, min. 45 mm
Piston length, max. 60 mm
The edge thickness of the piston is process and part-related, max. 4.25 mm
Center height 1,000 mm

End products

  • Brake pistons

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