Flow Forming Center

Leifeld FFM 623-5

The flow forming center is particularly suitable for rolling out cylindrical rings which are then finish-formed to weight-optimised truck rim rings. Starting parts are cylindrical rings round-bent from a sheet strip, butt welded, burred and expand-calibrated.

Main Characteristics

  • Fast changeover due to automatic mandrel clamping device and/or roller clamping device, as well as horizontal machine design
  • Low space requirement
  • Shorter cycle times due to integrated loading system
  • Flexible material flow by use of robots
  • Wall thickness measuring station for compensation of thickness variations in the material batch
  • No additional trimming required
  • Speed-regulated roller drives reduce wear on the spinning rollers

Technical Data

Outside diameter, min. 444.5 mm
Outside diameter, max. 622.3 mm
Workpiece inner diameter, min. 435 mm
Workpiece inner diameter, max. 615 mm
Workpiece length, min. 180 mm
Workpiece length, max. 360 mm

End products

  • Truck wheel rim
  • Bus wheel rim

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