Necking-in machine

Leifeld EN 700

This machine is specially designed for hot forming thickwalled bottle bottoms and bottle necks of high-pressure gas bottles, fire extinguishers, diving bottles and for the production of pressure tanks and CNG cylinders.

Main Characteristics

  • Hydraulically driven swivel support
  • Loading and unloading with electric feed drive and steady rests
  • Movable induction with recooling system and transformer
  • Very compact machine design
  • Reheating burner
  • SIEMENS control

Technical Data

Outside diameter, min. 400 mm
Outside diameter, max. 620 mm
Starting wall thickness, min. 6 mm
Starting wall thickness, max. 35 mm
Starting length of preform, max. 12,000 mm

End products

  • high-pressure gas bottles
  • fire extinguishers
  • diving bottles
  • pressure tanks
  • CNG cylinders

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