Necking-in machine

Leifeld EN 500

The LEIFELD EN 500 is designed for hot forming bottle bottoms and bottle necks of high-pressure gas bottles, fire extinguishers, diving bottles and for the production of shells, pressure tanks and CNG cylinders. Individual loading and unloading facilities and auxiliary units enable flexible production.


Main Characteristics

  • Consistent forming performance and quality thanks to sturdy machine construction and high rotational speed of main spindle
  • Flexible configuration for a wide range of workpiece sizes
  • Simulation program serves to eliminate programming errors
  • Cleverly designed integrated loading and unloading system
  • Production of gas-tight sealing of vessel bottoms
  • Targeted increase of wall thickness in critical areas can be reached

Technical Data

Outside diameter, min. 100 mm
Outside diameter, max. 275 mm
Starting wall thickness, min. 2 mm
Starting wall thickness, max. 13 mm
Starting length of preform, max. 2,000 mm

End products

  • high-pressure gas bottles
  • fire extinguishers
  • diving bottles
  • pressure tanks
  • CNG cylinders

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