Spinning Center

Leifeld SC 350

The LEIFELD SC 350 is especially designed for large workpieces from a wide range of preforms and materials. The metal spinning machine is built for cold forming. It precisely forms up to high material thicknesses and meets high requirements for part tolerances and geometry.

Thanks to fast production processes, wide-ranging opportunities and applications, the high-performance machine can be used very efficiently.

Main Characteristics

  • Highest precision combined with maximized machine availability
  • Especially designed for high material thicknesses
  • Also strong stainless-steel materials can be processed
  • Developed machine control by LEIFELD optimized for all applications of spinning processes enables customer-specific programming.
  • Offline programming software

Technical Data

Blank diameter, max. 5,000 mm 5,000 mm
Distance between centres above floor level 3,000 mm 3,000 mm
Distance between centres in the foundation pit 1,800 mm 1,800 mm
Longitudinal slide travel 2,600 mm 2,600 mm
Transverse thrust 900 mm 900 mm
Tool mounting, DIN ISO 702-3 (formerly DIN 55027), size 20 20

End products

  • tank bottoms
  • cones
  • nozzels
  • propeller hoods

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