Flow Forming Machines for Transmission parts

Nihon Spindle V300X

Possible to flow form complex shape by single chucking with generating metal flow positively. Spline forming without machining, hub forming without welding are the most typical process. Also it is possible to control the material thickness of the specified portion partially for weight reduction and material saving.

Main Characteristics

  • Compared with machining, possible to process splines with high speed without chips.
  • Process rollers driven by servo motor and ball-screw allows higher positioning accuracy, which is also effective for low maintenance cost and saving energy.
  • Processing chamber concept which is completely separated from control unit / drive unit makes it possible to prevent troubles and achieve easier maitenance.
  • In order to improve workablility and reduce change-over time, mandrel/roller exchange support systemis available as an option.

Technical Data

Number of Axis 4
Axis Control CNC
Applications Clutch Case, Various Drive System parts
Wheel O.D. φ300 mm
Main Spindle, max. 600 rpm
Thrust of Roller Unit X-Axis: 147 kN, Z-Axis: 147 kN
Stroke of Roller Unit X-Axis: 150 mm, Z-Axis: 200 mm
Thrust of tailstock 441 kN
Stroke of tailstock 200 mm
Motor capacity of main spindle 100 kW
Motor capacity of hydraulic unit 37 kW

End products

  • clutch drum with boss
  • helical Gear
  • CVT Pulley

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