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Leifeld und Nihon Spindle specialise in the development of high-performance machines for manufacturers in the automotive sector. Our machines fulfil the highest expectations - and thanks to their continuous evolution, we even exceed them. This is how we support customers each and every day with our optimum cold and hot forming solutions. Discover the application areas of our machines in the automotive industry: wheels, brakes, transmission parts, powertrain, exhaust parts, tanks, e-mobility and more.

Aluminium Wheels

Our machines and solutions enable the production of highly stress-resistant and at the same time extremely lightweight aluminium wheel components. By applying heating, it is possible to machine aluminium alloys that are difficult to form. In combination with our patented variable inner tool, different base widths and geometries can be produced without changing tools.

Cast Aluminium Rims and Wheels
  Weight-optimized results for lighter vehicles
  Resource-friendly production with high material savings
  High rigidity with low wall thicknesses
Forged Aluminium Rims and Wheels
  Weight-optimized results for lighter vehicles
  Resource-friendly production with high material savings
  Maximum rigidity with low wall thicknesses and simultaneous weight reduction
  Increased break elongation and gas tightness
Steel Wheels

Our solutions for the steel wheel industry enable the production of highly stress-resistant and at the same time extremely lightweight wheel components. The cold forming process meets the demands of production.

Rim Rings for Steel Wheels
  Outstanding concentricity charac teristics, high-grade surface and increased strength
  No post-processing work required for subsequent processes
  Material saving accompanied by weight optimization
  Constant length with differing output volumes
  Flexibility through different performance classes and automation
Steel Wheel Discs
  Light and extremely sturdy final product
  High material savings
  Excellent dimensional stability and narrow tolerances
  Suitable for all discs and rims
  For differing strength requirements
Drive components

Our solutions comprehensively meet the high standards of drive component precision and productivity. The flexible technology results in a virtually unlimited number of possible end products. Automated processes and minimal further processing outlay facilitate production and integration.

high-precision gear components
Disc Carriers, Hollow Shafts and Double Clutch Housings
  Enhanced strength and hardness, optimized weight, and high material utilisation
  Production of extremely thinwalled internal and external teeth
  Complex geometries within very narrow tolerances
  Precise circularity and perfectly concentric rotation
Precise gear and drive components
Disc Carriers, Starter Rings
  High-precision internal and external dimensions coupled with low weight
  Diameters can be freely determined
  High material utilisation accompanied by improved strength and hardness
  Different wall thicknesses possible
  High loading capacity of teeth
Motor components
Spring Plate with Seal Groove, Poly-V-Belt Pulleys
  Production of extremely sturdy end products from a single piece
  High surface quality of profile
  Precise concentricity between the damper and the poly-V area
  Minimal subsequent processing of excess material
Electric drives

The demand for electric vehicles is strongly growing. The market requires high performance e-motors and drive trains as well as high power batteries with increased range. According to the market requirements we have developed innovative processes to produce weight-optimized rotor shafts from one piece.

Motor components
Rotor shaft
  Forming workpieces from a tube, a forged thickwalled preform or a formed thinwalled preform
  Production of extremly sturdy rotor shafts from a single piece
  High material utilisation accompanied by improved strength and hardness of the part
Brake components

Our machines are designed to form precise brake pistons and brake drums for safe and powerful brake systems. With brake pistons, our machines spin an all-round groove into the cylindrical hollow bodies. Brake drums are produced on our machines by flow forming, as far as possible in a single clamping setup.

Save brakes
Brake pistons
  Extremely low material input and optimum material utilisation
  Low post-processing requirements of end products
  Precisely dimensioned all round seal ring groove
  No reductions in course of wall thickness
High performance brakes
Brake drums
  Rotationally symmetrical components with partially concave, convex, cylindrical or conical geometries
  Low weight and at the same time increased strength
  High-precision forming
  Low post-processing requirements
Exhaust parts

Compared with the conventional process, pressing and welding, the spinning process enables a high cost reduction for the production of exhaust parts. A blank tube is spun by rollers rotating along the tube perimeter. With our innovative machines and technologies, a wide range of options are available to meet individual requirements.

Precise exhaust parts
Catalytic converter
  Variety of shape can be produced, such as oblique, concentric and eccentric parts
  During the process, the tube clamp section will not be applied with any centrifugal force as the tube does not rotate. This allows to process with a minimum clamping force, minimizing clamping scratch and possible material damage.
  As our process does not need dies inside the tube, it is possible to spin the tube with brick inside.
Pressure vessels

Our necking-in and flow-forming machines are ideal for reliably forming sturdy tank vessels, bottoms and necks for hydrogen and liquefied gas. Both technologies stand for economic efficiency, short cycle times and high precision forming. The source material can be either aluminum or stainless steel. Our machines enable flexible forming in accordance with individual parameters.

Robust pressure vessels with neck and bottom
Liquid Gas Tanks, Pressure Tanks
  Gas-tight sealing of vessel bottoms
  Targeted increase of wall thickness in critical areas
  Homogeneous microstructure for maximum strength
  Sufficient material for cutting, drilling and thread machining
Robust pressure vessels
Hydrogen Tank
  Considerable saving in material thanks to low raw material input
  Low post-processing requirements of end products
  Increased resistance to corrosion
  Maximum flexibility in the production of individual external diameters, wall thicknesses, and reductions

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