Our high-performance machines for manufacturers in the automotive sector.

We develop special solutions for the wheel industry, for the production of lightweight yet high-strength wheel rims, wheel discs and rim rings.


Wheels made to measure: WSC series

The machines in this series reliably perform flow forming and profiling of wheels and rim profiles. Our innovative and highly efficient flow forming technology enables easy forming of steel wheels in both large and small quantities.


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Wheels made to measure: SC series

Machines of the SC-series form wheel rims chipless and therefore very efficiently. Thanks to the strain hardening and the high rotation accuracy the machine manufactures highly stressable and very precise products.


Wheel disk

Stable wheel discs: ST…RS series

The machines in this series are particularly suitable for producing wheel disks for use in agricultural vehicles. They offer stability even in the presence of heavy vibrations. Three forming rollers ensure the symmetrical distribution of forces and significantly higher rotational accuracy of the wheel disks. An optimum addition to the series are the efficient loading and unloading units.


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