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Success story

Weihai Creditfan Ventilator Co., Ltd: “Leifeld is our success”

Weihai Creditfan Ventilator Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing solutions for ventilation system and is committed to the design, development, manufacture and sales of high-end fans. The company’s main products and services are supporting the heavy equipment for advanced rail transportation, new energy power equipment, offshore engineering and high-tech ships, cooling towers and air coolers, and refrigeration cold chain.


The technology development department of Weihai Creditfan was identified as Weihai Engineering Technology Research Center and Shandong Enterprise Technology Center. The company is the main supplier for fans of the Chinese Harmony EMU and high-speed rail, which is recognized by the Ministry of Railways. It is also the first enterprise in the Chinese wind turbine industry to pass the GE wind turbine product design certification. The company stands for high reliability, high efficiency, intelligence, low noise and light weight, and has become a leader in the transformation of the wind turbine industry.


In 2017, Weihai Creditfan Ventilator Co., Ltd. purchased a SC 316 spinning machine from Leifeld Metal Spinning AG for the production of fan components. The SC series of spinning machines is seen as the most competitive alternative to mature processes such as deep drawing. Nowadays, the complexity of modern components requires the combination of different processes. On the SC machine from Leifeld a various amount of spinning and machining steps can be flexibly performed in one clamping. This saves process time and costs.


Leifeld delivered the machine to Weihai Creditfan last year. Since commissioning the SC 316 has produced fan components of different sizes, wall thicknesses and geometries. Weihan Creditfan is convinced that spinning machines of Leifeld are the right choice for their company. Mr Oliver Reimann, CEO of Leifeld Metal Spinning AG, visited last year Weihan Creditfan. During the conversation, Mrs Sheng Junling expressed her satisfaction: “The spinning machine SC 316 runs faultlessly, the installation and commissioning was smooth. Whenever I or my team has a question, the Leifeld China-team provides fast and unbureaucratic support. Leifeld is the key to our success.”

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