Forming of y-shaped groove


In the splitting process, a y-shaped groove is formed on the outside of a disc-shaped blank or a preform in one or more steps. With this process, the diameter can also be reduced and therefore a thickening of the split material can be achieved.

Splitting in detail

A disc-shaped preform or blank is clamped between the main and tailstock spindles and set in rotation. In one or more steps in succession, various splitting and thickening rollers are now inserted and moved towards the workpiece. The profiles of the rollers are matched to each other in such a way that they produce sufficient material for the final contour of the workpiece or the further processing steps. The slitting process can be combined with subsequent spinning and flow-forming processes in one set-up, so that an optimum distribution of material is achieved on the finished part. Splitting can be used for all kneadable alloys by cold forming and hot forming.

Advantages of splitting

Chipless slitting allows highly complex components to be produced in one piece. This leads to optimum material properties and tight tolerances, which is essential especially for highly stressed parts, such as clutch housing parts. The enormous cost savings due to the low material usage and the very short cycle times should also be emphasised.