Incremental forming process

Shear Forming

In shear forming, a round blank or preform is placed onto the external tool contours through shear forming rollers. Shear forming is an incremental forming process that is related to metal spinning.

Shear forming in detail

A round blank or preform is clamped between the spinning chuck and the tailstock pressure disc and set in rotation. The round blank is formed parallel to the external contours of the tool by the shear forming rollers and applied to the tool. In contrast to the gradual metal spinning process, the material is applied in a single overflow: the metal is projected from one level to another.

Advantages of shear forming

The advantages of shear forming lie in the simplicity of the process. All conically tapering components with an angle of more than 18° can be made by shear forming in a single clamp. Since the process consists purely of material displacement, the change in the wall thickness of the finished part can be optimally calculated. While the shear forming roller moves parallel to the spinning chuck, the wall becomes increasingly thin in relation to the cone angle (S1 = S0 * sinα). The process results in narrow tolerances and polishable surfaces.