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With original spare parts and individually produced assemblies, we ensure the sustainable use of our machines.

We place our customers also after the machine sale with advice and assistance . Whether it is a spare part or a complete retrofit: we have the know-how and the right equipment to help – quickly and confidently.

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Our machine service realises and maintains the possibilities of your machine

The support from Leifeld’s machine service team ensures that you can use your machines flexibly, efficiently, and for an extensive period, thanks to the use of original spare parts and replacement of entire assemblies. As your production requirements grow or change, we can extend the machine’s functionality. We also offer retrofitting and controller conversion services.

Precisely made spare machine parts produced in-house

In addition to providing original parts and procuring other materials, we produce spare parts ourselves for customers, custom-tailored to fit their on-site machinery. These include rollers and individual tools for use in metal spinning applications.

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