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Rapid solutions whatever your needs. Thanks to our extensive repair service and personal contact partners.

You meet your personal contact partner from the service team while the machine is being assembled at our premises. There is also a service crew on hand who are waiting to advise and assist you. So that you can be sure that when you buy from us, you are not just purchasing a machine, but a solution.

Fast & personal

Service contact

+49 23 82 – 96 60 7 320

Our service range – direct and solutions-oriented

Your personal contact partner is available to assist you in the event of any problems, such as an unexpected shutdown of your machine. We are familiar with your installed system and can quickly and competently identify solutions together with you to keep production delays down to a minimum.

Comprehensive inspection

Remote servicing enables us to determine, immediately and reliably, what fault has occurred. We take into consideration all possible sources of error, whether mechanical, electrical, processual, hydraulic or controller-related. We then determine the best solution strategy for your particular situation, in so doing making full use of the know-how and expertise of our many specialist technicians.

Precise error searching and subsequent repair

Mechanical, electrical, processual, hydraulic or controller-related causes are quickly detected by our trained personnel. Whether it necessitates replacing small components or entire assemblies, such as supporters, we perform the repair at your premises or in our factory, comprehensively and competently.

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