Innovations require security. We have comprehensive experience in patent maintenance and protection.

Every patent is an expression of our innovative strength. And every patented technology creates the incentive to develop and implement new ideas. The economic use of our patents allows us a continuous innovation cycle. At the same time we protect our know-how against imitation in order to remain the technology leader.

Patent applications and searching

In addition to applications for our own patents and utility models, we also monitor and research patents of market players and other producers. Our know-how in this field gives us certainty and a leading edge.

Commonly assuring technological advantages

In the common development of innovative technologies, techniques or processes we offer the necessary safety: By assuming the patent application and enabling our clients the licensing, we bear the investment risks. 

Attention enables innovation

By constantly observing new technical developments, we are able to recognise trends and incorporate them in our own research and development and to bring them to market maturity for our customers.

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