Notches and grooves


Profiling consists of forming notches, grooves, etc. into a round blank or preform over several stages. The most important variants are the splitting, bending and rolling procedures. Hub moulding and slitting are also associated with profiling technology.

Profiling in detail

A preform or round blank is clamped between the main spindle and the tailstock spindle and set in rotation. A variety of profiling rollers are now applied in several consecutive work steps and brought towards the work piece. The profiles of the rollers are coordinated in such a way that they build on each other, allow a material distribution and ultimately generate the final contours of the work piece.

Advantages of profiling

Chipless profiling results in optimum material properties and narrow tolerances, which is essential for safety-relevant parts in particular, such as poly-v-drive and brake components. The enormous cost savings resulting from the low material input and very short cycle times should also be emphasised.