Application area

Pipes, Oil and Gas

The Global Metal Forming Group developes and manufactures high-performance machines for applications in the oil, pipe and gas sector. Listening to the needs of our customers, we consistently advance and perfect our technologies. Machine efficirency is amog the most outstanding features.


Our technologies stand for economic efficiency, short cycle times, and high precision forming. We develop machines and solutions to form tank vessels, bottoms and collars.

Heavy-duty tank bottoms
Tank bottoms
  High load capacity
  Variety of wall thicknesses
  Bottom panels with diameters of up to 6 m (19,68 ft)
Robust tanks
  High pressure resistance
  Targeted increase of wall thickness in critical areas
  Homogeneous microstructure for maximum strength

We develop solutions for realising pipes or similar workpieces of over 13 m in length, with a variety of wall thicknesses.

Complex pipes
Steam pipe, drill pipe, casing pipe
  Rotationally symmetrical hollow bodies with constant or varying wall thicknesses
  Cold forming of metal alloys, including hardened and tempered steel and aluminium alloys

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