What we stand for


We enable transformation

We provide our customers with more than just a machine - we enable companies to transform the way they work and create value, both strategically and in their day-to-day operations.

Thinking in terms of „making transformation possible“ opens up new ways of framing our partnership with clients. It can mean improving their operations by overhauling a machine or building a bespoke new one; researching into forward-looking solutions to unlock their competitive advantage; adapting our portfolio, thus enabling them to enter new markets; or offering digital services for better customer experience. Many solutions to their future problems are not foreseeable right now, and our mission takes into account these upcoming challenges. More than that, it makes clear that we see ourself as a pioneer, enabling the industry to transform itself.

Our brand values


Beyond shear force
Our machines are rendering maximum levels of performance. With our effective chipless forming methods using minimum force we follow our eco-friendly approach. But it’s not just about mechanical power. Today, resilience, endurance and willpower are just as much signs of a strong company. Building on these qualities, we stand as a reliable partner to our clients. Our strength creates advantages and opens up new ways of metal forming.


Based on integrity
We are partners you can rely on. Our strong stance creates the trust that’s necessary for long-term, successful partnerships. This is confirmed every day by our technological leadership, determination as high performers, and long-term cooperations. On the inside, it is about trust in the people working for us, enabling them to do their best work.


Achieving together
We set high standards for our work, trying to achieve best results in everything we do. This passion to deliver high value for our clients is first and foremost driven by our own aspirations, grounded in the personal ambitions of our staff. And it is built on a culture of teamwork and commitment, allowing us to meet and oftentimes excel expectations.


Never standing still
The transformation of one form into another is part of our day-to-day work – the core of what our machines do. But transformation is about more. It is about being open-minded and embracing change: advancing technological progress, reacting to shifting markets, meeting new client needs. To meet the challenges these transfomations pose, it is essential to constantly challenge and thus transform ourselves.

Elevating and defining worldwide metal forming technology – as one.

Our Corporate Vision


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