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  • 18.04.2019

    Leifeld launches Chinese website


    Leifeld Metal Spinning AG also has a website in China now. Just in time for CIMT, one of the world’s largest and most influential trade fairs for machine tools in Asia, it has been launched. The goal is to provide Chinese interested parties with everything they need to know about Leifeld.


    In particular, the offer is addressed to manufacturers from the automotive, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors. The website not only presents new machines such as spinning machines and flow-forming machines, but also offers other services such as news or direct contact with the Chinese branch in Shanghai. Chinese companies and other interested parties have the opportunity to research the machine tools and service of Leifeld online.


    With the Chinese website, Leifeld is strengthening its involvement in one of the largest markets in the world. As the world leader in chipless metal forming, the company’s online presence recognizes the importance of the Chinese machine tool market.

  • 21.01.2019

    Leifeld develops robotic solution for the fully automated loading and unloading of spinning machines

    New automated and standardized loading unit can be used flexibly and ensures more efficient production


    We are expanding our product portfolio with a standardized robot solution for fully automated feeding and workpiece removal on Leifeld spinning machines. Thus, we are taking another step towards automation and cost efficiency.


    With the new concept, manual separation, loading and unloading of machined workpieces by the operator is no longer necessary. Instead, a robot ensures fully automated feeding and workpiece removal without additional labor. The automated loading unit can be flexibly used at any time: in just a short time, it can be docked with a Fort Truck or Pallet Jack via a quick-release system and interface to other Leifeld spinning machines. A special laser safety sensor eliminates the need for protective fences. Thus, the solution developed by Leifeld is not only particularly cost-efficient, but also space-saving.


    When dealing with individual challenges, the Leifeld construction team works closely with its customers to develop appropriate solutions. In principle, each loading unit can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. For example, a selection of different rotary indexing table allows the use of different diameters and strengths. Also, a manual loading and unloading of the storage or a fully automated supply and removal by conveyor belt is possible. In addition, different gripper styles ensure flexible use of various part geometries.


    Benedikt Nillies, technical director at Leifeld, sees the fully automated loading unit as an innovative solution that can be flexibly adapted to specific customer needs. “With this system, a wide range of end products can be operated on different machine types and with degrees of automation. In addition, the change between manual and fully automated loading is possible at any time and quickly. Our customers can thus produce even more flexibly and faster. “

  • 06.11.2018

    Leifeld with new brand presence

    Since October 23rd, simultaneously with the opening of our most important exhibition EuroBLECH, Leifeld presents itself with a modern and contemporary brand look. The new concept focuses the solutions provider in four core segments which can be operated by Leifeld spinning and flow forming machines: automotive, aerospace, energy and industrial applications. That makes it easier for (potential) clients to find a matching Leifeld machine for their individual manufacturing sector.


    „Everything just from one hand“


    It took the marketing team altogether 1 ½ years to develop the new concept. “In the beginning there was no such thing as a clearly defined strategic direction. After many conversations, discussions and analyses we determined the company’s strengths and core segments and began to work on the new brand presence”, says marketing leader Dr. Julia Ingwald. The result is quite impressive: Leifeld now presents itself much more customer orientated, interactive as well as more digital. For Leifeld-CEO Oliver Reimann just the right way: “Leifeld is the global market leader in the segment of the non-cutting forming of metal and as well as a partner for its customers. From the idea to the initial operation of a machine and beyond that we are always reliable partners for our customers. Thanks to our future-oriented research and development team we are pioneers in terms of innovations. We design and build precisely fitting solutions for the special needs of our clients and still accompany them after the delivery of their machines with our extraordinary service.”


    Focus on visual components


    With the new concept customers are attracted by their manufacturing sectors instead of formerly by particular machines or machine series. Therefore, Leifeld decided not to present any machine at its new exhibition appearance. “With the presentation of only one single Leifeld machine we just cover a fraction of our entire portfolio. This is why we represented the four different core segments of our clients through interactive touch terminals and added sample products for the haptic sense. This has the benefit that clients can identify more easily which machine could be a potential solution for their branch of production”, Ingwald explains. In the area of the classical exhibition presentation a novelty that seems quite risky. However, it was worth the effort: “Our exhibition visitors gave us a lot of positive feedback”, sales manager Jacob van Balen says. “Leifeld’s new exhibition booth was very well visited throughout the entire duration of the fair. We welcomed a lot of well known customers and also had the chance to get to know many new potential clients.”


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