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Mayor of Ahlen visited Leifeld’s new production site


Mayor Dr. Alexander Berger visited the new production site of Leifeld Metal Spinning AG at Vatheuershof and had a look behind the scenes of the Ahlener world market leader. Leifeld’s know-how is requested when it comes to the stars among others.

Almost 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong was the first person to enter the moon on June 21, 1969. After it has calmed down in the following decades at least in public perception on the subject of space travel, the industry is currently presenting enormous growth figures. According to the Federal Association of the German Aerospace Industry, the annual growth prospects are impressive at around five percent. In addition to the traditional space nations USA and Russia, new players such as China, India, the European Union and private actors have entered the market in recent decades.

“The spinning machine, which we have currently built, is unique in the world and allows us completely innovative ways of metal forming,” says Leifeld CEO Oliver Reimann. The machines for chipless metal forming produced by Leifeld enable, for example, in the aerospace industry, the production of components for discharge nozzles or booster and turbine parts. In addition to this industry, Leifeld machinery is also used in the automotive or energy sector.

Also in order to be able to design and build larger machines at the Ahlen site, the world market leader has greatly expanded over the past two years. For example, the new assembly hall with its approx. 3,500 square meters of floor space and 15 meters in height offers the best conditions to continue to innovate. Mayor Berger was impressed: “I am pleased that Leifeld has been loyal to the Ahlen location for almost 130 years and has expanded and concentrated its production capacities.”

The new hall also offers the in-house loading of road trains, something that was previously not possible at the location on Feldstraße: “The four cranes enable us to easily load large machines,” says Technical Director Benedikt Nillies. And Reimann adds: “With the new hall and the new capacities, we can react even more flexibly to the wishes of our customers, such as driving in or testing large machines under maximum load. At this point, I would also like to thank the city of Ahlen and the local business development agency for their support during the planning and construction phase. “

Ideal conditions, therefore, to build machines in the future in Ahlen. Leifeld Metal Spinning has produced over 6.250 machines in almost 130 years and delivered them to 60 countries.

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