These are the people behind Leifeld.

Oliver Reimann, Harald Knechtel and Benedikt Nillies are responsible as a management for more than 200 employees worldwide.


Oliver Reimann

Oliver Reimann took over as director of sales at Leifeld in 2009. In addition to sales, he was also responsible for marketing and customer service. In 2012, he changed over to the sales board, and in June 2014, he was appointed CEO of Leifeld. Oliver Reimann was quick to recognize the importance of internationalization, which led to the formation of sites in China and the USA under his direction.


“Leifeld is a pearl of German mechanical engineering. Inspiring people with a great level of know-how working together on realizing a vision. I am proud to be leading this company.”

Sales Director

Harald Knechtel

Since 2019, Harald Knechtel has been the head of the sales, marketing, and customer service departments at Leifeld. Having years of experience of manufacturing of machine and in managing international sales channels, he has acquired outstanding expertise in the field of need explanation capital goods.


“Getting together is a start, sticking together is progress, working together is a success.”

Technical Director

Benedikt Nillies

Benedikt Nillies completed his training as a mechanical engineering technician at Leifeld in 1987. After subsequently passing through a number of positions in the field of machine tool construction, the qualified engineer (FH) has been back at Leifeld since 2004. Since July 2014, he has been the technical director responsible for engineering design and process engineering.


“Our customers are constantly presenting us with new technical challenges that we are happy to face. It is what makes working at Leifeld so challenging and interesting.”

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