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Leifeld PNC 350

  • Available in USA

The machine LEIFELD PNC 350 has been in successful use for decades. The PNC series has specially been developed for spinning and shear forming of rotationally symmetrical parts.

Lamp parts, musical instruments, kitchen ware and hauseware as well as industrial products economically and precisely produced are only some examples for the variety of uses of the LEIFELD PNC 350.

Main Characteristics

Highest precision and large flexibility in part dimensions and wall thickness

Large variety of materials to be processed

Developed machine control by LEIFELD optimized for all applications of spinning processes enables customer-specific programming

High level of automation allows the time reduction of set up and product change over

Technical Data

Blank diameter, max. 825 mm
Distance between centres 350 mm
Effectivel longitudinal slide stroke 400 mm
Effective transverse slide stroke 250 mm
Longitudinal thrust 20 kN
Transverse thrust 22 kN
Spindle speeds, max. 560-2800 UpM
Main spindle drive 5,5 kW
Drive rating for hydraulics 7,5 kW

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