Flow Forming Center

Leifeld RFC 400/4 C+H

The vertical LEIFELD Rotor Shaft Forming Center LEIFELD RFC 400/4 C+H is specially designed for the chipless forming of rotor shafts with different forming operations in a single setup.
This machine is equipped with 2 radial axes and 2 axial axes with the optional tool shifting device on both sides, which enables the flow forming, necking-in, and flange forming process. The preforms are clamped either by the clamping chuck which is installed on the main spindle or by the tailstock with a connected upper tool by axial clamping.

Various preforms, such as thickwalled and thinwalled tubes, forged preforms and blanks can be processed.

Main Characteristics

  • Low space requirements and good accessibility thanks to compact and ergonomic design
  • High flexible forming and combination of processes
  • Patented forming technologies
  • Different shapes, diameters, wall thicknesses and materials
  • Weight-optimization and high product stability

Technical Data

Preform outer diameter, min. 30 mm 30 mm
Preform outer diameter max. 100 mm 100 mm
Hub diameter, min. 8 mm 8 mm
Flange diameter, max. 110 mm 110 mm
Hub length, max. 170 mm 170 mm
Flow forming length, max. 240 mm 240 mm
Total product length, min. 190 mm 190 mm
Total product length, max. 450 mm 450 mm
Wall thickness, max. 14 mm 14 mm

End products

  • rotor shafts

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