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Leifeld develops robotic solution for the fully automated loading and unloading of spinning machines

Leifeld develops robotic solution for the fully automated loading and unloading of spinning machines

New automated and standardized loading unit can be used flexibly and ensures more efficient production


We are expanding our product portfolio with a standardized robot solution for fully automated feeding and workpiece removal on Leifeld spinning machines. Thus, we are taking another step towards automation and cost efficiency.


With the new concept, manual separation, loading and unloading of machined workpieces by the operator is no longer necessary. Instead, a robot ensures fully automated feeding and workpiece removal without additional labor. The automated loading unit can be flexibly used at any time: in just a short time, it can be docked with a Fort Truck or Pallet Jack via a quick-release system and interface to other Leifeld spinning machines. A special laser safety sensor eliminates the need for protective fences. Thus, the solution developed by Leifeld is not only particularly cost-efficient, but also space-saving.


When dealing with individual challenges, the Leifeld construction team works closely with its customers to develop appropriate solutions. In principle, each loading unit can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. For example, a selection of different rotary indexing table allows the use of different diameters and strengths. Also, a manual loading and unloading of the storage or a fully automated supply and removal by conveyor belt is possible. In addition, different gripper styles ensure flexible use of various part geometries.


Benedikt Nillies, technical director at Leifeld, sees the fully automated loading unit as an innovative solution that can be flexibly adapted to specific customer needs. “With this system, a wide range of end products can be operated on different machine types and with degrees of automation. In addition, the change between manual and fully automated loading is possible at any time and quickly. Our customers can thus produce even more flexibly and faster. “

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