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We develop solutions that ideally form separating components like funnels, strainers or separating discs in just one clamping.


Seamless surfaces: SC 310

The SC 310 enables efficient and chipless forming of stainless steel, attaining seamless and high quality surfaces of the type required by the chemical industry and that are suitable for use in aseptic conditions. The system is capable of single-piece production of conically shaped funnels and the incorporation of cylindrical transitions. Additional machining options are also available, for instance edge processing.

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Separating disc

Constant wall thicknesses: SC 305

The SC 305 machine is able to produce high quality separating discs in a single spillover. It forms reliably uniform wall thicknesses, even below 0.5mm, with the shortest production times.

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Seamless surfaces: SC 305

Our SC 305 is used for chipless and thus efficient spinning of hoods, for example made of stainless steel. The forming process can be based on a given form or a pre-machined bottom. The spinning process enables seamless and thus high-quality surfaces with short production times.

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