Application area

Food and Chemical

We offer solutions for forming separating and mixing components as far as possible in a single clamping. Our spinning machines are used for forming high-quality mixing drums, hoods, separating discs, funnels and sieves. Workpieces are characterised by their extremely varied geometries and high-quality surfaces. Flexible machine operation with compact, sturdy designs sustainably support your production processes.

Separating technology
Contours/Seamless Surfaces
Mixing Drums and Hoods
  Seamless, high-quality and easy-to-clean surfaces
  Variety of contour types, including concave, convex and conical
  Other types of additional processing possible, such as flanging
  Final machining possible
Mixing technology
Constant Wall Thickness, Seamless Surface
Separating Discs, Funnels, Sieves
  Suitable for creating a range of different geometries: from single-piece conical funnels to integration of cylindrical transitions
  Constant wall thickness
  Various contours possible, such as flanging
  Final machining possible

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