Our training concept is developed by trainees for trainees.

Leifeld offers you an excellent training environment with good chances of being hired and prospects of a career in our growing company. So get to know us!

Beginning in 2018, we have a new training concept in place. What is special about it is that it was designed by trainees for trainees. As a result, the concept is oriented completely to your needs. In addition to vocational school, you will receive English classes and weekly in-factory teaching. You will begin by augmenting your knowledge of general subjects, such as mathematics, but you will also learn about things like accident prevention regulations. Then there is an in-depth presentation of the company and its special products and services. In the second and third years, we offer occupational advancement teaching.


Shared goals strengthen the community and all trainees work together on projects like the construction of a soapbox cart which is subsequently put through a racing test. Other varied activities include trips, tours of supplier factories, cart track racing, and group breakfasts. In this way, many friends have been made here, something that we are always happy to promote. Let us begin your new career together at Leifeld.

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Jacqueline Müller

+49 23 82 96 60 7 242


We will accompany you on your journey to:

– Precision machinist,

– Cutting machine operator,

– Electrician,

– Technical product designer,

– Industrial sales representative,

– Warehouse and logistics specialist.

By the way: You can also do an internship with us to get a taste of the Leifeld world.

You can find out all about our internships and requirements on our job portal.

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“I am never bored at Leifeld. And there isn’t a day when I don’t learn something I didn’t know before. I can perform practical work in the trainee corner, and during breaks I can relax in the trainees’ room.”


Alexander Fagur, Electrician trainee

I found it easy to integrate at Leifeld. My mentor, who has been a training instructor here for some time, is a great person to talk to in all matters concerning training. Our training officer, too, is always there to help and advise us. And if there is still anything that I am not quite sure about, I can always ask my colleagues.”


Viktoria Munzke, industrial sales representative trainee

“Once I have completed my training at Leifeld, there are several paths open to me. The chances of being taken on are very good, and there are excellent development conditions. I feel very well looked after at Leifeld and feel that I am developing both in my technical activities and as a person.”


Enes Gümüs, cutting machine operator trainee

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