Wheel Spinning Center Flex

Leifeld WSC Flex H Series

The LEIFELD WSC Flex Series is specially designed for the flexible production of cast or forged aluminium wheels for passenger cars. Different wheel contours, diameters and jaw widths can be produced on the machine without changing the spinning chuck. Optionally, the machine can also be equipped for chaotic production without manual setup.

The machine is available with different number of inside and outside rollers.


Main Characteristics

  • No tooling is needed
  • No time-consuming changeovers
  • Maximum flexibility in wheel design
  • Increased efficiency by a minimum of 15% and reduced costs
  • Batch size one can be produced economically

Technical Data

WSC 700/4-1 H flex
WSC 700/6-1 H flex
Outside diameter, min. 410 mm 410 mm
Outside diameter, max. 680 mm 680 mm
Nominal rim diameter, min. 18 inch 18 inch
Nominal rim diameter, max. 24 inch 24 inch
Rim width, max. 14 inch 14 inch
Workpiece length, max. approx 400 mm 400 mm
Number of inside rollers 2 rollers 3 rollers
Number of outside rollers 2 rollers 3 rollers

End products

  • cast aluminium rims
  • forged aluminium rims
  • cast alumimium wheels
  • forged aluminium wheels