Leifeld ST 560 H Series

The LEIFELD ST 560 is designed for heavy-duty forming of rotationally symmetrical hollow bodies with constant or varying wall thickness by flow forming via
cylindrical, conical or embossed mandrel contours. Close tolerances and highest repeatability can be reached. The machine is applicable for forming processes like forward flow forming, reverse flow forming and shear forming. A wide range of workpieces can be manufactured on this machine from most different unmachined parts or preforms and materials.

Main Characteristics

  • Near net shape production
  • Highest repeatability of parts production over years
  • Extremely sturdy and torsion-resistant frame construction enables a high level of precision
  • Axially pulling feed with two diagonally positioned, synchronised ball screw spindle
  • Electrically positionable tailstock with ball screw drive
  • Loading and unloading can be performed by robots
  • Maximum flexibility in the production of lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses

Technical Data

ST 400 H 1300
ST 400 H 2100
ST 400 H 2500
ST 400 H 3100
Workpiece-Ø min. 50 mm 55 mm 55 mm 55 mm
Workpiece-Ø max. 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Workpiece length max        
- forward flow forming 1,200 mm 2,000 mm 2,400 mm 3,000 mm
- reverse flow forming* 2,400 mm 4,000 mm 4,800 mm 6,000 mm
Distance between centres min. 2.064 mm 2,850 mm 1,890 mm 2,490 mm
Distance between centres max. 3,414 mm 5,000 mm 4,400 mm 5,640 mm

* by 50 % reduction of wall thickness with lateral tailstock displacement


End products

  • Pipes
  • Casing tubes
  • Fuel vessels