Playback spinning machine

Nihon Spindle T500-NC-T4

The playback spinning machine by NIHON SPINDLE has been successfully in the market since 1989. More than 400 machines are in daily operation worldwide.

The Nihon Spindle T500-NC-T4 is equipped with a four-post turret for tool change on the carriage as standard. Four different tools can be mounted on the turret for faster operation. These tools will be spinning rollers, corner shaping rollers, trimming tools, curling rollers, etc.

The dependable performance and functionality of the machine gives metal spinners the confidence to spin consistent quality parts every day.

Main Characteristics

  • Teach-in control combination with CNC
  • Fast and flexible operation with a four-post turret
  • Space-saving design with all components on the common machine bed
  • Simple and user-friendly operating system
  • Easy-to-program auxiliary units for rapid and reproducible production changeover
  • All machine elements are easily accessible
  • No special requirements for the foundation work

Technical Data

Blank diameter, max. 500 mm
Distance between centres 900 mm
Longitudinal slide travel 400 mm
Transverse slide travel 300 mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke 300 mm

End products

  • frying pans
  • sliding nozzles
  • connectors
  • inlet rings mixing drums
  • hoods, funnels, sieves
  • separating discs