Wheel Spinning Center

Leifeld WSC H Series

The LEIFELD WSC 700 H is designed for manufacturing wheels for cars, especially for flow forming of rim contour of aluminium wheels. As starting material a casted blank is needed.

The high-performance machine meets the demands of hot forming. With its vertical machine design for low space requirements and rapid charging and discharging the machine can be flexibly integrated in existing production lines. The machine is available with different performance levels and features. Experience the power of our patented technologies and long-term expertise for maximum efficiency and success.

Main Characteristics

  • Multi-product and highest volume production thanks to short cycle times
  • High flexibility in wheel design
  • Customer specific machine configuration meets the highest requirements and regulations from the car manufactures
  • Special forming processes are possible, for example splitting operation and special processing of the front face
  • Special tool designs, for example shifting inner tool for wheels with same diameter but different widths
  • Space-saving machine design
  • Long machine life and low tool cost

Technical Data

WSC 600/4 H
WSC 650/6 H
WSC 700/6 H
Outside diameter, min. 320 mm 410 mm 390 mm
Outside diameter, max. 620 mm 720 mm 720 mm
Nominal rim diameter, min. 15 inch 18 inch 17 inch
Nominal rim diameter, max. 22 inch 26 inch 26 inch
Rim width, max. 12 inch 14 inch 17 inch
Workpiece length, max. approx 335 mm 400 mm 480 mm

End products

  • cast aluminium rims
  • cast alumimium wheels