Spinning Center

Leifeld SC 310

The LEIFELD SC 310 is recommended for all companies with a frequently changing portfolio for smaller production batches or released quantities. At the heart of the development lie the programmable additional units which ensure swift, repeatable production adjustments. This applies to the centering device and trimming blade as well as to the machining unit BAE.

The spinning center immediately provides the opportunity to install manually adjustable or hydraulically portable additional units for companies with rarely changing product range. In addition to its flexible application and equipment potential, the LEIFELD SC Series also excels due to its modern, compact design.

Main Characteristics

  • Highest precision combined with maximized machine availability
  • Large flexibility in part dimensions and wall thickness
  • Large variety of materials to be processed, e.g. copper up to strong stainless-steel materials
  • Developed machine control by LEIFELD optimized for all applications of spinning processes enables customer-specific programming.
  • Offline programming software
  • High level of automation allows the time reduction of set up and product change over
  • Ready for fully automatic production

Technical Data

Blank diameter, max. 1,000 mm 1,000 mm
Distance between centres 1,200 mm 1,300 mm
Longitudinal slide travel 500 mm 600 mm
Transverse slide travel 300 mm 350 mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke 450 mm 500 mm
Tool mounting, DIN ISO 702-3 (formerly DIN 55027), size 8 8

End products

  • reflectors, high bays, down lights
  • fan parts, propeller hoods, suction nozzles
  • pans, bowls, cooking pots, sieves
  • cups and goblets, sacred items
  • separator parts
  • dish ends
  • connectors, inlet rings
  • bells, drum bases
  • funnels