Wheel flow forming machine

Nihon Spindle CW2010E

The NIHON SPINDLE CW2010E has been specially designed for the hot-condition flow forming process of inner rim contour of casted aluminum wheels for passenger cars.

The two-axis control and optimised functions make the machine simple and sophisticated, as a special benefit this results in a very small footprint.

Main Characteristics

  • For multi-product with low volume production
  • Budget oriented
  • The cycle time for aluminium wheels driven by the casting process is in the range between 130 – 180 seconds
  • Small footprint for easy layout
  • Lower energy costs due to electric driven roller units

Technical Data

Outside diameter, min. 465 mm
Outside diameter, max. 590 mm
Nominal rim diameter, min. 15 inch
Nominal rim diameter, max. 20 inch
Rim width, max. 10 inch
Workpiece length, max. approx 310 mm

End products

  • cast aluminium rims
  • cast alumimium wheels