Automatic Flexible Pole Machine

Leifeld AFPM Series

The LEIFELD AFPM Series with the Software Flow Spin 4.0 combines the sophisticated, market proven necking-in and flow-forming technology in one hybrid machine. Whether conical, cylindrical or even stepped profiles - the innovative process, the so-called “drawing-in on a movable inner mandrel“ creates a wide range of possible applications, especially for the production of different contours and shapes for long tubes.

The chipless forming technology is protected by a worldwide patent. Compared to conventional technologies, weight savings of up to 35 % are possible. The result is quite impressive: more stable, light-weight and durable poles or similar products.

Main Characteristics

  • High-performance machine in extremely stress-resistant construction
  • Main machine on rigid, torsion-resistant, welded machine bed
  • Lower tooling costs and setup times
  • Automatic integrated machine loading and unloading
  • New Flow Spin 4.0 software for programming support, can also be used offline
  • Reduced material input achievable by influencing wall thicknesses
  • Two or three poles can be produced in one set-up (twin or triple poles)
  • Free choice of contours in pole production
  • Requires neither heat treatment nor welding together of individual parts

Technical Data

  LEIFELD AFPM 280 H 9600 LEIFELD AFPM 280 H 9600 S
Raw part diameter, min. - max. 120 - 280 mm 120 - 280 mm
Produced diameter, min. - max. 60 - 280 mm 60 - 280 mm
Workpiece diameter reduction, max. for Al 6061 260 to 76 mm 260 to 76 mm
Workpiece diameter reduction, max. for St 37-0   220 to 95 mm
Workpiece wall thickness, Aluminium (6060/6061), min. - max. 3 - 6 mm 3 - 6 mm
Workpiece wall thickness, Mid Steel, min. - max.   3 - 5 mm
Wall thickness reduction, max. 25 % 25 %

Further data on request.

End products

  • poles with conically or cylindrically graded concave or convex geometries
  • street light poles
  • flag poles
  • masts