Necking-in machine

Leifeld EN 600/400

The LEIFELD En 600/400 is specially designed for hot forming bottle bottoms and bottle necks. The machines enables the gas-tight sealing of steel vessel
bottoms, targeted increase of wall thickness in critical areas, homogeneous microstructure for maximum strength as well as sufficient material for machine cutting the connector thread.


Main Characteristics

  • Very compact machine design
  • High precision combined with maximized machine availability
  • Large flexibility in part dimensions and wall thickness
  • Large variety of materials to be processed, e.g. copper up to strong stainless-steel materials
  • Developed machine control by LEIFELD optimized for all applications of spinning processes enables customer-specific programming.
  • Offline programming software
  • High level of automation allows the time reduction of set up and product change over

Technical Data

  LEIFELD EN 600/400 LEIFELD EN 600/440 LEIFELD EN 600/480
Outside diameter, min. 200 mm 230 mm 270 mm
Outside diameter, max. 412 mm 442 mm 480 mm
Starting wall thickness, min. 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm
Starting wall thickness, max. 15 mm 15 mm 19 mm
Starting length of preform, max. 3,000 mm 3,000 mm 3,300 mm

End products

  • high-pressure gas bottles
  • fire extinguishers
  • diving bottles
  • pressure tanks
  • CNG cylinders